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Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and James Rodríguez cost together Real Madrid around €265M.

Since their founding 1900 Ajax have spent €232M on transfers

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50 beautiful footballers - Viktor Fischer (05/50) 

Jasper Cillessen color palettes

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Bold what’s true about you – Football version!


  • I love football
  • I watch football as much as I can
  • I’ve been to a football match
  • I’m a fan of my hometown team
  • I’m a fan of a football team that not in my country
  • My team has a derbi
  • I hate a team in my country
  • I don’t like a team that’s not in my country
  • I’m a fan of my NT
  • I’m a fan of another NT
  • I’m a fan of not only one club
  • I want to marry a football player
  • Sometimes I talk too much about football
  • I miss a footballer in my team
  • I’m a fan of a team in the Bundesliga
  • I’m a fan of a team in the La Liga
  • I’m a fan of a team in the Seria A
  • I’m a fan of a team in the Premier League
  • I think Messi is the best in the world
  • I think Ronaldo is the best in the world
  • I have ships in the football fandom
  • I think David Beckham is hot
  • I love it when red cards are shown
  • I know the UCL anthem
  • My friends are football fans too
  • I don’t understand how Marco Reus’s hair stays perfect after 90 min LOL ;D
  • I love to watch Women’s football
  • I hate don’t like it when people say soccer instead of football
  • I think footballers with many tattoos are attractive
  • I used to go to football games with my parents when I was little
  • I love a footballer’s wag
  • I want a certain footballer in my team
  • I love a footballer that plays for the rival’s team
  • I think the UCL cup is the most important
  • My team is not in the first league
  • My team is in the race for the league title
  • I have a football jersey
  • I met my favorite footballer in personal *dance*
  • I’ve been to my NT match
  • My favorite coach is not the coach of my favorite team
  • I love a team that the rest of my family hates
  • Football gives me joy lol no
  • I cried because of a football match
  • My NT won a national cup once
  • I understand what the offside rule is
  • I play football
  • I’m part of a fan organization
  • I named my pet after a footballer’s name
  • My favorite football player is currently injured 
  • My team has won the UCL cup once
  • My team is currently in the Europe League [kinda???]
  • I think players that are loaned to one team should not play against their loaning team
  • I think football stuff are fucking expensive
  • My team plays in red(-white)
  • I’m a football fan for more than 5 years
  • I will tattoo the crest of my team on my body if I could
  • I hate don’t really like the president of my club
  • The coach of my team was once a football player
  • I love my team so much I occationaly cry out of happiness because of them

Enjoy! (:

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50 beautiful footballers - Christian Eriksen (04/50)